Giving Teachers What They Deserve

Teacher appreciation week is the first full week of May in the United States. It is a time of celebration where the students find ways to say thank you to their teachers for all their help over the academic year. Teacher appreciation day is a special day in this celebratory week which students and teachers often look forward to.

This week is an exciting time for both teachers and students and it is a welcome break from the daily routine of school.

Every year students come up with new and innovative ways to appreciate their teachers. Gifts such as chocolates and flowers are becoming a thing of the past and are now being replaced with more creative gifts. This could be anything ranging from a pencil case to a scrapbook filled with teacher quotes, memories and jokes. Students want to add a personal touch to their presents and every year new ideas are being thought of. It is a great way to let them know, how much they have appreciated their efforts with their work. It could be the opportunity to come up with an innovative idea for your favorite teacher.

As well as gifts, students organise events and activities to be enjoyed by everyone. Some of these include recitals, musicals, shows and sports tournaments. Teachers can join in and give up their “teacher status” for the day.

A popular idea for this event is to organize an awards ceremony. Throughout the week students can nominate teachers for awards and at the end of the week the awards will be presented to the teachers. Categories could be “most creative”, “most helpful”, “funniest teacher”, the list is endless. This will create excitement throughout the week for the students and the teachers. Communication barriers will be lowered as teachers and students can enjoy the activities and events organized for the week. Why not organize this event for Teacher appreciation day 2009? It would be the perfect day to say thank you to your favorite teacher.

The concept of teacher appreciation is celebrated globally but in some countries it is celebrated differently than others. For this year, schools could learn about different countries and see how they celebrate. Students can research different cultures and could use a particular culture to study and teach in for that day. It could also be used as research for teachers who want to adapt to different teaching styles and students may take more interest in what they are being taught and how they are being taught.

Teaching is a career which requires a lot of patience and understanding. It can be hard and stressful at times which is why this event is so important. Teachers need a confidence boost to know that they are doing their job well. The recognition teachers get, are “not amongst the best in society”, although we entrust them with what is most precious to us; our children and their education. Grades and marks will tell them if they are doing their job well but they may not know if students have enjoyed their class and their work. Teachers will appreciate compliments given to them by their students and they will feel so much happier when teaching to the next set of students in the following academic year.

Students can learn more about their teachers during the week. Students may feel the need to keep a distance from their teachers as it may seem “uncool”. However, for this week everything changes. Students will learn what it is they like so much about their teacher and why they are so fond of that particular teacher. Students will be able to evaluate their teacher and be able to ask themselves the following questions; have I learnt any values from my teacher? Can I turn to my teacher if I have any problems which could be related to work or even personal problems? Have I enjoyed the lessons throughout the year? Students will then be able to compare their answers with their peers and they will be able to know why they appreciate their teacher so much.

Teacher appreciation week 2009 is not just for current students. Former students can also chose to appreciate a teacher who taught them whilst they were at school. Students can send a gift to their favourite teacher and tell them why they still remember them after leaving the school. This proves that this week can be enjoyed by everyone.

As well as former students and current students, this special week can be enjoyed by those who are studying abroad. Teacher appreciation week is a great opportunity for international students to be included and have fun in the celebrations. International students are away from home and away from things that are a comfort to them. The students may turn to their teacher if they feel down about being away from home. Therefore they could use this week to show their gratitude for all their help and understanding with adjusting in a different country which could be so different from their own.

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